Customer Relationship Management

“You can only create lasting value for your business by first creating value for customers, and you can only do that by understanding what it is that customers themselves actually value.” Don Peppers and Martha Rogers

We are partners of our Clients. At SQUAD, we promote support, advice, experience, and raising the potential for solutions employed by your Organization, because your business is our mission!


How can CRM improve your business?

CRM is a business strategy oriented and focused towards enhancing the relationship of the Organization with its different players (Clients, Partners, Users, Employees, Partners, Suppliers).

Each Organization is unique and deserves to be treated as such. Our approach goes from the vision, strategy and organization’s goals so that we can design and implement a CRM solution together, best suiting your reality!



We are assertive!

Centralization, organization, and systematization of information, transforming it into knowledge.


We are flexible!

Agility in the context of globalization, with a constant adapting and evolving.


We’re versatile!

Access to real-time business information anywhere allows for effective and efficient management.


We’re connected!

Interaction and sharing add value to the relationships between people and organizations.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an integrated CRM system facilitating the creation and evolution of a single view of your Clients, allowing for an optimized and centralized management of the customer’s life cycle, especially at the different stages of the relationship with your organization (prospecting, sales, service, cross-selling and up-selling). The native integration with productivity tools such as Outlook, Word and Excel streamlines business processes and contributes to a rapid adoption of its users and efficient business management by its managers.



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CRM implementation - problem solved

...the biggest criticism I hear about Portuguese travel agencies on behalf of corporate clients is that these companies don’t have MEMORY... the PHTO Travel Consulting option to solve this problem required the implementation of a CRM by SQUAD’s team, problem solved ... "

João Pombo, Diretor
PHTO Travel Consulting

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