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BPM is an acronym for Business Process Management. On the other hand, BPM Software, is the Software used to implement the Business Processes of a particular organization.

Being a disciplinary approach to identifying, drawing, executing, documenting, measuring, monitoring, controlling and improving Business Processes, whether automated or not, aims to achieve consistent results and aligned with the strategic objectives of organizations.

If your business needs to streamline or automate processes, optimize performance, or eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce costs, you certainly need BPM software.

BPM Software | OfficeWorks BPM

BPM Software, is a software that allows you to implement previously designed business processes, controlling how business information is used, thus ensuring that all transactions are executed accordingly, timely (SLA), and by who of law.

OfficeWorks BPM, is a BPM software (Workflow) and Document Management, which allows the user to customize the forms and business processes to their liking, without resorting to programming. Design your organization’s processes and implement them in OfficeWorks BPM, ensuring simplicity of configuration.

OfficeWorks BPM Software contains modules of:

  • Document Management
  • Template Management
  • Email Management
  • WebServices Management
  • Requisition Management
Process Search
Process Edition

OfficeWorks BPM offers:

  • Improving the level of service provided to Entities by rapidly consulting the processes and state of the Entities;
  • The reduction of the circulation of paper documents, accelerating the process of processing information;
  • The decrease in paper production, in particular photocopies of documents in the system;
  • Effective monitoring of the circulation of processes within organizations.

OfficeWorks BPM allows you to:

  • Define, Create, Configure, Distribute, and Control Processes;
  • Control Deadlines and Set Alarms;
  • Define Automatic Stages of WebServices, Templates and Emails Generation;
  • Total flexibility in the definition and configuration of flows, through the present workflow engine on the program;
  • Treat incoming emails based on previously defined rules;
  • And more!


Areas of BPM knowledge

BPM is not a methodology, technology or philosophy. It is an Organizational Management discipline, which covers the following areas of process management:

  • Management

  • Modeling

  • Análise Analysis

  • Performance

  • Reengineering

  • Organization

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