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“Porque juntos vamos mais longe.”

SQUAD is part of Magnetik Group, a conglomerate of companies focused on offering integrated solutions and services in the accounting corporate world, developing and implementing solutions in the areas of Technology and Information Systems.

Founded based on a stated willingness to facilitate the information technologies to improve business processes and management, an asset of every business, our project, Magnetik project is founded on the know-how consolidated companies and bet entrepreneurs position themselves as strategic partners of the organizations business. The competencies achieved by maximizing the synergy of the various group companies now allow position ourselves ourselves as a strictly business and excellence in the field of Information Technology with a broad and comprehensive offer to the needs of companies: BPM, ERP, CRM, HR, BI, EPM, Mobility, Green IT, Outsourcing.

We base our success in three areas: our customers, our collaborators and our partners.

Vision, Mission, and Values

Get to know a group that works for you

SQUAD’s an organization aimed at achieving a renowned global position in the information technologies area through leadership recognition in the activities where it operates. We are committed to contributing to the continuous improvement of business efficiency of our customers in an environment of trust and partnership, including all employees and partners. SQUAD’s values represent the focus of our work: ACCURACY, AMBITION, COMPETENCE, CREDIBILITY.

Our customers

Who already trusts us

With an installed base of 80 customers, our top performing value-added projects for our customers’ businesses represents our motto. Guided by the “what we do, we do well” principle, we guarantee satisfaction with our achievements.

We were able to convert multiple years of data and financial figures

With the support of ERP - Microsoft Dynamics NAV - it was possible to transform the Edol Laboratory into the leading company it is today, a reference and market leader in Ophthalmology and with a solid implementation in Dermatology. We could convert multiple years of data and financial assets, from sales performance to individual transactions, in easy to read insights.”

Pedro Brito, Chefe de Sistemas de Informação

Ease of integrating new functionalities

The biggest strengths of Microsoft Dynamics NAV are the ease of integrat-ing new functionalities as the business grows, and increased profitability of my time.”

Hugo André Dias, Controlling & Reporting Manager

SQUAD has proven to be a partner of our total confidence

In an increasingly demanding environment in terms of financial services, a structured and modular ERP, capable of quickly and efficiently adapting to a changing legal and regulatory ambiance, while simultaneously responding with precision to dynamic information needs from management is truly crucial. SQUAD has proven to be a partner of our full confidence, comprehending and understanding our business, always fulfilling the needs of our processes, methodologies and obligations. SQUAD’s demonstrated expertise in deploying Microsoft Dynamics, both in terms of parameterization and integration with other systems was decisive, and it's a potentiating bet for the development of CONSAG services."

Marcos Oliveira, Partner for Financial Outsourcing